Product Overview

Italian Trulli

PROMIS Timesheets is a state-of-the-art Timesheet Management system which is constantly being fine-tuned to better serve the needs of some of the largest Media Agencies in the world. Since it's initial development in 2013, we have moved from a Local Network based Application to a Cloud-hosted Solution, to better equip our multi-national Client base with the power to monitor efficiency.

Users are promted daily to complete timesheets, which is a simple, quick and easy process. Administrators can then keep track of key indicators and easily manipulate raw data captured in effective reports that monitor productivity of Staff, time consumed on those troublesome Clients and the activities that are taking up the most time, in respect of Clients and/or Employees.

PROMIS Timesheets has been credited as a MAJOR contributing factor in winning some very large Media Clients. Amongst others, the World's largest FMCG Company as well as one of the "Big 3" telecoms companies in South Africa have been very impressed with the added value brought through the usage of PROMIS Timesheets - We choose to believe that it is no coincidence that they are now trusting our Clients as their Media Agency of choice.